The Merits of Chèvre Leather

The Merits of Chèvre Leather

First-class leather is the foundation of any luxury leather accessory. Because even with the most skilled craftsman, it is nearly impossible to create a beautiful accessory without top-of-the-line raw materials. That is why one of Leone Leather's favourite materials to use is Chèvre leather, which we source from a bespoke tannery in France. In this article, we'll dive into the merits of Chèvre leather, so you become as big of an advocate as we are! 

The Aesthetic Appeal 

The primary reason we use Chèvre leather is its refined quality and aesthetics. It's also why Chèvre is a go-to leather for iconic luxury brands such as Hermès and Balenciaga. The process of turning the hide into leather is time-consuming, as imperfections would be visible to the naked eye. Hence, artisans pay incredible attention to detail during the tanning process.

With this luxurious quality, Chèvre leather provides a distinct aesthetic. One of the iconic components is the "sheen" on the leather, which gracefully reflects light. This slight reflection highlights the refinement and details of the hide without being overbearing. 

Finally, Chèvre leather has a signature grain pattern. Look carefully, and you will see the shallow wrinkles that come from the goat hides. Given goat hides are small, the grain patterns can vary drastically. It is exceptionally dynamic and pleasing to the eye, with every piece of leather having its unique pattern.

The Resiliency 

Here at Leone Leather, we believe that resiliency is a core characteristic of a high-end leather accessory. We consider Chèvre leather for our accessories because of its resistance to scratching, given accessories like card holders and key rings are particularly vulnerable. Not only is Chèvre leather beautiful, but it is one of the strongest, most durable, and most resilient high-end  leather  varieties. 

Leone Leather aims to create accessories worthy of being an "investment accessory" that will last decades and get more beautiful with age. With Chèvre leather, we can assure you that our wallets are built to withstand abrasive conditions while retaining their sophistication. 

The "Hand Feel"

If you have ever have held a meticulously constructed product with superior leather, you know what we mean by "hand feel." Chèvre leather is soft to the touch and lightweight, so much so that it's hard to imagine it being so practical to work with or resistant to tears and scratches. Our craftsmen know that the best leather should look lavish and feel pleasant to the touch. The hand feel of Chèvre communicates luxury, plain and simple. 

So There You Have It...

We hope you appreciated this introduction to Chèvre leather and that it gave you the information you need to further cherish your Leone Leather accessory.

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