7 Tips For Maintaining Your Luxury Wallet

LEONE Leather Model with Wallet

Purchasing a handmade leather wallet is an investment. When properly cared for, it can last a lifetime, becoming an heirloom that is passed from generation to generation. Because it is an organic, natural product, leather becomes more beautiful and unique with age. However, if not properly maintained, your handmade leather wallet can show signs of wear and tear, or even deteriorate. Here are seven simple tips to ensure your leather will last for a lifetime.  

Keep It Out of Harsh Elements Like Direct Sunlight and Rain  

When subjected to harsh elements, your leather may undergo ageing, deterioration and discoloration. UV rays and heat can damage the leather by causing it to dry out and crack. Exposure to heavy rain may cause shrinkage and discoloration. Should your leather wallet become wet, leave it to air dry.  Forced air from a blow dryer or furnace will only exacerbate the damage.

Clean It Regularly 

It is imperative to clean your leather wallet regularly. Using a dry cloth, you can remove dust or other particles accumulated on the leather's surface. Using a damp cloth, you can remove dirt or grime. Avoid using harsh soaps since they can damage your leather, but using a mild natural cleanser every few months is appropriate to give your leather a deeper clean. When using any product on your leather for the first time, remember to test it on a small inconspicuous area. Apply it in a gentle circular motion using a soft dry cloth and remove any residue afterwards.  

Don't Overstuff Your Leather Wallet

It can be tempting to fit as many cards, cash, and receipts as possible into your wallet to maximize its utility. We highly recommend refraining from inserting more than one card per slot, especially if the leather is delicate. Overstuffing risks permanently stretching the leather and warping the accessory structure. 

Avoid Scratching It 

Our leather is a specially made semi-aniline dyed, vegetable-tanned goatskin with a protective topcoat, making it resistant to scratches. However, we recommend that your accessory should not be placed with keys or any other sharp object. While it is easy to remove superficial scratches with polishing, deep scratches will impact your wallet's integrity. To repair a deep scratch, use leather filler, followed by buffing, and then apply a colored balm that matches your leather. In the worst-case scenario, send your handmade leather wallet to the Leone Leather's repair department. In all likelihood, we will be able to bring it back to its proper form. We're proud to offer this to you as a complimentary service.  

Please Don't Sit On It! 

Never put your wallet in your back pocket and then sit on it. Not only does this contribute to poor posture, but the pressure and weight will permanently damage your accessory over time. Instead, please keep your leather wallet in your front pocket, or better yet, your jacket pocket.

Let Your Leather Breathe 

Because leather is an organic material, it should be stored away from excessive heat, humidity, dust, and direct sunlight. Leather needs ventilation to prevent mildew, so if you plan to keep your accessory in storage for some time, keep it stored in a dust bag at room temperature in a moderate humidity environment. 

Regular Conditioning, Polishing, and Waterproofing 

The most important way to maintain your handmade leather wallet is through regular conditioning, polishing, and waterproofing, which you should perform every 3 - 6 months. This care is a proactive way to improve the appearance of your leather by keeping it healthy, supple and to prevent any further damage. There are many excellent products on the market made specifically for your type of leather accessory. We recommend Saphir Renovateur Cream, which can be rubbed into the leather with a dry cloth while removing any excess. Your leather may be polished after conditioning if you wish to add shine. While some commercial polishes do have moisturizing elements, they do not necessarily protect your leather. As a result, we recommend conditioning before polishing. While leather is inherently water-resistant, you may want to add extra protection, as many waterproofing agents will deteriorate over time. We recommend that you apply a waterproof coat every six months to enhance your accessory's longevity further. 

There You Have It...

Seven simple tips for maintaining your Leone Leather handmade leather wallet and ensuring it will last you a lifetime. There is a certain appeal in taking care of a leather wallet, which will add to its beauty along with use and time. Like the artisans who created it, you will appreciate the uniqueness of organic material such as leather, deepening your connection to the product. 

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